Why Kenpo Karate?


No one really knows where or how the many different martial arts styles originated. As with anything however, we can surmise that those methods of self-defense that proved effective were formalized and passed down through the generations.

As conditions changed, people adapted and innovated to meet the new challenges. So have the Martial Arts changed and adapted throughout the years. What we do know is that the martial arts moved across the face of the earth as people traveled and exchanged cultures, from Egypt to India, to China and eventually to the western world.

Although there are many, many styles they basically fall into 2 categories. Hard style (Korean and Japanese) and soft style (Aikido). Kenpo, from the ancient Chinese "Fist-Law" however, is a hybrid combining many soft and hard styles into one system. Upon close examination, a student will see elements of hard style Karate, Judo, Aikido, and many different Chinese styles.

The Kenpo system teaches hundreds of self-defense techniques against single or multiple attackers, armed or not. In a methodical and progressive course of study, the students learn to utilize all parts of his body in defense and practices all techniques on both the left and right sides (a valuable tool in case of injury). Since the system in so diverse, everyone can find and utilize those techniques that are most effective for their skills and abilities. Even students with disabilities can learn effective methods of self-defense.

The Kenpo stylist will also condition his body through all of the aerobic training and stretching. Balance and coordination skills will significantly improve and will help with all types of sports and exercise. By having to memorize hundreds of techniques and movements, we find that the learning skills and memory of students also improve.

Kenpo, as it exists today, is a highly developed system, that can, in a short period of time, give a student skills and confidence that will help throughout their lives.

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he."
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