Daily Training


I love to train, sweat, push myself to the edge, and ride it. Monday through Friday I wake up at 3:30am to start my day.  I shower, shave, and then I am on my way to the gym for weight training.

I want my body to be empty of all food or drink while I am lifting (except for a few sips of water while working out). My weight workout is a full body routine, with each session about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I lift considerably heavy weight when I train - visualizing my body as a pneumatic air jack. Any food or large amounts of water in my system at this point is a burden to my system's utilization.

"A man's wealth is not determined by how much he
has, but rather by how little he is satisfied with."

On my daily travel (Monday thru Friday) to the gym I enjoy listening to some great Bible teaching on the radio. Good Bible teaching helps my day with a solid mind and peaceful heart. 

The gym opens at 5am and I am working out by 5:15am.

After my workout it is off to run my dogs (I have four of them) in the park for one hour, then home to a large breakfast, and then if I can I try to grab an hour long nap.

Four o'clock in the afternoon its off to the studio for a stretch, some kata and then studio business.

Saturdays consist of some morning teaching of Kenpo, and then as much surfing as I can get in for the rest of the day.Sundays are very special days to me spiritually and I look forward to the church services of the day to boost my spirit, rest my body, and of course plenty of good food.

Come Monday I am ready to do it again. It never fails when I go to the gym on Monday mornings, how so many people complain of it being Monday and how rough of a day they say that it is for them.  To me, Monday is my strongest day of the week.

"Pride goeth before destruction, and
a haughty spirit before a fall."
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