Kenpo Self-Defense Instructional

Kenpo Self-Defense Instructinal - The campanion (4 hr. 20 min., twin disc) DVD set to "Karate and the Christian, The Parchments, A 5th Degree Black Belt Thesis".

You won't find a more user friendly Self De fence training DVD. Herb guides you step by step to training success. Well beyond expectations.

This DVD contains 30 basics: Kicks, blocks, punches, kick punch, kicking combinations and more. Plus 40 Powerful dynamic self Defense Techniques. Providing abundant knowledge on how to deal with common street attacks. Includes grabs, pushes, and punches of various types, front and rear bear hugs or waist grabs, head locks, full locks, full nelsons and much, much more.

Region 0 Format.

Price: $24.95
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