Creation versus Evolution

Creation or Evolution?

Does it take a greater faith to believe in Darwinism than to believe in the biblical account of creation? Judge for yourself as former theistic Evolutionist Russ Miller presents a strong even dynamic case for creation.

Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries (CESM)

50 Facts vs.
- An old earth or a global Flood?
- Noah's Ark
- Dinosaurs
- 3 Day Formation of Grand Canyon
- God's word about the creation week
- Intelligent Design
- The Evil Fruits of Darwinism
- If the Foundations be destroyed… And much more.

I have heard on more than one occasion secular scientists on radio talk shows attempting to promote their broken theories of Darwin to the listeners. When asked why they do not debate Christian scientists on the subject, their replies were "You just can't talk since to them". My thoughts to this was: "Please pass the bread, the Bologna has just been served."

There are a number of creation science ministries that employ world class scientists that offer to take on all challengers in debate… they don't seem to have many takers. Some of these creation ministries are:

  1. Creationism.org
  2. Institute for Creation Research found at: ICR.org
  3. Creation Ministries International found at: Creation.com
  4. "Answers In Genesis" home of world renowned "Creation Museum" located in Petersburg , KY. AnswersinGenesis.org
    The founder of AIG Ken Ham upholds the authority of the Bible through the museum as well as the books that he has authored.
  5. Articles on creation science Evangelism may be found in abundance at: drdino.com
  6. Dr. Steve Austin is another credible author who's writings substantiates creation over evolution.

If you believe that the Webster's dictionary could be the result of an explosion in a print shop, then the broken theory of evolution may be for you.

"Don't Bother Me With The Facts, My Mind Is Made Up"
Is an attitude that can lead one to disastrous consequences both in this life and the life to come.

Born once, die twice; Born twice, die once:
Be certain that you have reviewed ALL the facts before you come to a final conclusion on the subject regarding Creation or Evolution!

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